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1 Asta's Five-Leaved Grimoire. Asta's five-leaf clover grimoire has the best of the two strongest species in the Black Clover universe — elves and devils. The devil that resides in Asta's grimoire of despair is an unknown and mysterious devil whom not even the highest of devils (Lucifero) know of — the devil of anti-magic. Asta was training hard for the entrance exams for the Wizard Knights, he needed to become stronger in order to pass.Asta has six months to train and though he did not have magic power, he was still determined to be the Wizard King. During training, Asta broked a tree in half and it showed a strange gem inside. "Woah, this is so cool!. Asta, Yuno, and the other of the church begin to leave the Grimoire Tower, which Asta left another area of trying to investigate this new Grimoire. -Center of Forest- Asta opens the Silver Grimoire book as he turns the book of trying to figure how or where did this book come from then why the book comes from. BLACK CLOVER Manga (Japanese: ブラッククローバー, Hepburn: Burakku Kurōbā) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata. The story centers around Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in. Teak Tuning Apex 71D Urethane Fingerboard Wheels, New Street Shape, 7.7mm Diameter, Ultra Spin Bearings.

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