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To heal and balance the feminine and masculine energies, we need to learn how to control and blend them in a beautiful and harmonious dance. We can create a healthy balance between 'doing' and 'being.' To create balance requires awareness and the intention to change. We become more aware of the need to relax, recharge, and clear our minds. Feminine energy is the receiving energy. Its more emotional, intuitive and relationship-oriented; it looks at the big picture rather than the details of something. This kind of person will help guide others by listening deeply. Both men and women have both masculine and feminine energies within them. The key is figuring out how to use them to. The feminine aspect of relationship comes when two people pay attention to the relationship's energy instead of rushing to label it. I recently overheard a couple on a first date talking about marriage and kids. Relationships have a frequency of their own, and slowing down and tuning into that is a skill only the feminine can allow. 5. Travel. Both genders have both feminine and masculine energy, neither better than the other and a balance of the two is necessary for harmony. When men have permission to connect with their feminine energy, life will be easier for them, relationships between men and women will improve and the sexes will live in greater harmony. As the origin of all things, your feminine energy perceives and conceives and aligns with your creativity. It is also the source of balance – the balancing of all things. The masculine energy dynamically creates and puts things into action using logic and reason. It is the assertive, thinking side of your nature that expresses itself in the. “In a relationship, when both partners start to channel the same energy and there is no flow between the masculine and feminine, it doesn’t create polarity. This leads to imbalances and loss of. And as you do so, noticing where the feminine creates more calm, more centeredness, more equilibrium and how the masculine creates more order, structure and definition, and how they balance each other out, and dance with each other within any individual’s experience of life. Here are 3 ways that women can awaken their feminine energy in order to polarize the masculine. Move Your Body Feminine energy is all about flow, physicality, surrender, and movement. When a woman's body is in a stagnant state, emotions get stuck. In this place, she is unable to express herself fully. There are men with masculine energy being their strength and women with feminine energy being their strength. The traditional viewpoint is still valid. However, being a feminine man or a masculine woman is NOT a weakness. It’s a strength. Time has come that we learn how to nurture these strengths in ourselves and see them in others. Increase masculine polarity #2: Spend less time with women. Men need to be around other men. More often than not. It is an occurrence only in the modern world, that we constantly are around and with women. Even in marriage, back in the day, most of. Balance of masculine and feminine energy within. Masculine energy is the force of action in the world. It is the force that creates change and moves things forward. ... In relationships, masculine energy is about being assertive and taking charge. It is about taking responsibility for your own actions rather than blaming others for your. Move your body based on how you’re feeling, and allow time to prepare nourishing, healthy food that you’re actually craving. Open up to your friends and be supportive of others,. The masculine energy governs the right side of the body, and the feminine energy, the left. You may find your energy imbalance shows up as ailments, aches and pains or issues on either the masculine or feminine side of the body e.g a left frozen shoulder would indicate a feminine imbalance, or a weak right knee, a masculine issue. Both masculine and feminine energies are equally dynamic and vital, and we need access to both ways of being. To be a free and fully functioning person, however, we need to know when to be what. Not only do we get into trouble when we employ the wrong energy for the task, our relationships suffer when we are out of balance. The masculine will take action. He needs to find the solution, he needs to get into his own space, deliberate with himself and come to a conclusion about immediate action. If he can’t come to a conclusion in the short term, he should let it slide until he can take action. The feminine energy seeks support when it comes to solving problems.

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Feminine energy is about being, acceptance and receiving while masculine energy is about doing, go-getting, and giving. Just like all beings in nature have both a feminine and masculine energy within them, regardless of their physical gender, a chakra is never completely male or female. Each chakra is associated with the gender that is being. Yes. I read to the end. She talks about balance, etc. and says the feminine traits could be in the male partner and masculine traits in the female partner or in a same sex partnership. But I still think the author is attributing traits to gender. Balancing Masculine And Feminine Energy Meditation. 1. Time For Yourself. Meditate, journal, sleep, nap, take time for your own self care. 2. Feel Your Feelings. They’re your superpower. Cry just to cry, throw an adult temper tantrum, or dance it all out. Get ahead of the feelings. I'm Lylian and I'm a dating & relationship coach. I help high-achieving women master their magnetic essence & attract the love they desire. I've uncovered the key to attracting & keeping love AND now, it's your turn. Learn how to balance the masculine and feminine energy in a romantic relationship and attract the love you desire FASTER!. Feminine energy is collaborative and cooperative while masculine energy is independent and competitive. The masculine plans. The feminine goes with the flow. The. Make sure you subscribe so you never miss any future youtube videos!To enroll in my online course for healing your masculine and feminine energies go to:http. Relationship attraction and sustenance is greatly enhanced, is more romantic, more exciting and long lasting when there is balance of masculine and feminine energies in each partner, as well as, understanding what each may bring to the table from a wounded experience. Relationship attraction and sustenance is greatly enhanced, is more romantic, more exciting. The masculine and feminine energies at play in relationships are like the poles of a magnet. The further apart these poles are within two respective people, the greater the. Nature is the perfect example of masculine and feminine balance. Just look at a tree. ... The feminine aspect of relationship comes when two people pay attention to the relationship’s energy instead of rushing to label it. I.

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