Cornerback Aaron Donald during a Los Angeles Rams game.

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The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act includes $7.5 billion in grants for governments to consider public-private partnerships for electric vehicle charging stations,. The bill would increase spending about $287 billion on state and local infrastructure, including highways, transit, airports, and local water systems. But the states can and should fund their own infrastructure, especially now that they are enjoying a gusher of revenues. Private. 8 Aug 2021 0. 4:27. The so-called bipartisan “infrastructurebill, backed by Senate Democrats and 18 Senate Republicans, would reward blue states with federal money for driving up immigration levels to the United States. The bill, among other things, includes the Digital Equity Act that would help expand broadband to American communities. In total, the number of electric vehicles in the US has increased by 87.5% since the last edition of the report, growing from 543,610 to just over a million today. However, the growth in public charging outlets hasn’t quite matched that, growing from 98,422 to 128,554 over the same period, an increase of around 31%. The U.S. Virgin Islands will get $31.9 million out of about $50 billion in the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law recently approved by Congress that is slated for work to upgrade the nation’s aging water infrastructure. According to a release Thursday from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the money will create jobs while upgrading.

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