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At Rowan, the percentage of first-generation students who felt confident about financing their education dropped from 67% before the pandemic to 56% after the college closed in the spring. UNC-CH saw a similarly large drop, from 82% confidence to. The COVID-19 pandemic triggered increased rates of depression, especially among college students. Due to social distancing guidelines, loneliness has been suspected as a prominent factor in depression during the pandemic. Research is needed to identify possible mechanisms through which loneliness conveys risk for pandemic-era depression.. In a 2017 survey of nearly 48,000 college students, 64% said they had felt “very lonely” in the previous 12 months, while only 19% reported they never felt lonely, according to the American College Health Association. Students also reported feeling “overwhelming anxiety (62%) or “very sad” (69%), and that “things were hopeless” (53%).. Prior to the pandemic, the National College Health Survey indicated 48.5% of college students were experiencing loneliness (ACHA, 2020). Cunningham et al. (2021) concluded the “COVID-19-related physical distancing measures” may have exacerbated loneliness during the pandemic (p. 1).. It claims that, out of the 143 students, those who changed their social media diet showed significantly lower levels of depression and loneliness compared to the control group that made no changes. 14. In 2017, out of 48,000 college students, around 64% reported feeling "very lonely" in the previous year. (Harvard Health). Perseverating over having no friends or family members to connect with can bring up thoughts of feeling not good enough, being unlovable, and feeling rejected. Getting out of one’s room and going to public places can also have positive psychological effects. Loneliness during college can be especially prevalent among students from distant cities or countries. Rokach and Spirling claim, "Transitions are stressful and challenging and especially for students who may move away from home as they start ....

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A nationwide report released last Thursday found that today’s students are spending less time partying than those in years past, though they’re interacting more through online social networks. Loneliness Among College Students* James J. Ponzetti, Jr.** Loneliness has become a common prob-lem for many college students. Family life specialists are in a unique position to offer assistance to lonely students who other-wise may not be able to change their dysfunctional attitudes, dispositions, or patterns, and achieve satisfying lifestyles.

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