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Because on one level, there is a genuine curiosity about the content, as there are so many topics covered if you delve into the vaults of videos on the TED YouTube channel.. The topics are interesting and engaging, and it is a bit more true to a college lecture than what you would otherwise see in a high school classroom. Many will practice Cornell Note. Stories that are told regarding poverty don’t reflect reality. The story we tell about poverty is that it disregards the drive and determination of the poor. The people who are poor are also hustling and innovating, just like the most revered and most rewarded CEOs. Though they may be broke, that does not mean that they are broken. We've compiled our top ten most popular TED talks into one blog for you to enjoy. Let's get started, 1. Ken Robinson - How schools kill creativity, Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for school nurturing creativity as opposed to undermining it. Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson, 2. Amy Cuddy - Your body language shapes who you are,. This TEDxKyoto talk is a top pick among TED-Ed Club Members. An Ji Soo, a high school student from China, says that it made her "think about the nature of education and have a critical view of it." 3. Drew Dudley: Everyday leadership TED-Ed Club Members love this funny talk.

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While news from Iran streams to the world, Clay Shirky shows how Facebook, Twitter, and TXTs help citizens in repressive regimes report on real news, bypassing censors (however briefly). In short, TED Talks are short (usually about 20 minutes) presentations from some of the world’s most interesting people on a variety of topics. So what should you talk about? Here are some ideas: -How to be successful -The meaning of life -How technology is changing the world -The art of persuasion -How to be happy -The future of food. What is a good topic for a TED Talk? "What is it about?" is the first question to answer while deciding the topic for a Tedx Talk. Before you write an outline, choose a title, or plan your strategy, you need to select a topic. Choosing a topic can sometimes feel even more demanding than giving the actual speech. Among other topics, TED has often given the floor to speakers sharing - or, should we say, spreading - their ideas of optimizing business processes and, particularly, those related to customer service. ... This TED talks customer service video explains that "welcoming expressions" might have a greater value than just mere Hello-Good bye. 6. On Being Wrong. Kathryn Schulz, a Wrongologist, talks about the benefits of being wrong and how society has been ignoring it. She talks about how we all have been taught about not being wrong, being right, avoiding mistakes and how fatal that can be. She asks us to embrace our fallibility and move ahead in life. 7. With over 2,100 TED talks in over 100 different languages to choose from, we’ve made life easier for you by rounding up the 11 must-watch videos for students. 1. Inside The. TED Talk 1. Connection Through Compassion | Daniel Goleman. Author of the book Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman talks on the topic of compassion in his 2007 Ted Talk.He mentions the spectrum from self-absorption to compassionate altruism that exists and is exhibited in one's behavior. Inspirational TED Talks for Students Encourage kids to ask more questions and seek the best in the world with these TED Talks. Matthew Winkler: What makes a hero? (4:30) What trials unite Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, and more of literature's most interesting heroes? And what do ordinary people have in common with these literary heroes?. Joachim de Posada: Don't Eat the Marshmallow! During the late 60s and early 70s, psychologists at Stanford performed a series of fascinating experiments looking at delay gratification. In the experiments, preschoolers were left alone in a room with some sort of treat (often a marshmallow or cookie). Prior to leaving the room, the researchers.

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